What is MarketTrends?

MarketTrends® offers a wealth of data that directly addresses two critical aspects of business lending:

  • The higher impact of loan losses
  • The divergent performance among types of business

Equipped with MarketTrends data, you can improve your bottom line and identify valuable opportunities to optimize key, strategic goals. MarketTrends assists you with benchmarking competitor and peer performance helping you make more informed decisions.

What reports do I get?
  • Lender

    Access performance data from Canada’s leading financial institutions, including additional industry data

  • Risk Score

    Access decile and quintile groupings using TransUnion’s small business risk score – developed solely on industry bank data

  • Product

    Access multiple product views, such as bank cards, installment loans (including large instalment and demand loans) and lines of credit. Additional product-level filtering is available

  • Risk Rating

    Access categorizations based on the R* rating which is defined by severity of delinquency

  • Province & Region

    Access credit data aggregated at regional, provincial/territorial and sub-provincial levels, including data for the 20 largest Canadian cities

  • Industry Classification

    Access credit usage and risk performance differences by unique business SIC, giving you additional insights to enhance portfolio management

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