ShareAble for Rentals

Make the jump to more – expect more from your tenant screening partner

Confidently deploy a digitally advanced solution to help the decision-making process for property owners.

ShareAble for Rentals is designed to empower consumers to share credit reports for the purpose of tenant screening. As a comprehensive solution, ShareAble for Rentals is fully supported for set-up and servicing, enabling you to offer online access to tenant credit report information via a single API, usage across multiple devices and built-in identity verification tools.



More security

Identity management tools enable you to offer property owners and tenants more secure experiences in a complex regulatory environment

More simplicity

Comprehensive API with access to credit reports and tenant authentication capabilities — designed specifically for the tenant screening market

More support

Relationship management support for set-up and servicing — with industry expertise in Canada and the US

How ShareAble for Rentals Works


ShareAble for Rentals helps you deliver a smooth, consumer-focused, digital experience.

Illustrative example for tenant screening websites:

Step 1: Property owner initiates request for screening of prospective tenant via your website.

Step 2: Prospective tenant approves request for credit report, and proves they are who they say they are using identity verification tools included in the solution.

Step 3: Credit report is provided to the property owner and prospective tenant through the portal of your website. 





 Video: How It Works and Key Benefits



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