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Identity Exchange

A dynamic solution to assess identities and help guard against fraud.

Assess Risk with Identity Score

Data-driven analytics produce a score that reflects the level of identity risk.

Diverse data elements

  • Traditional credit bureau data
  • Inquiry logs
  • Application fraud data
  • Consortium fraud data

Our comprehensive data assets are combined with product application data shared by Identity Exchange subscribers.

Multifaceted modelling and predictive analytics

  • Over 360 fraud-specific attributes
  • Predictive real-time analytics
  • Ensemble models*
Identities are verified using advanced analytics; each model quantifies an aspect of fraudulent activity or trustworthiness. When combined, they help capture fraud and reduce false positives.

*Patent pending

Identity score and reason codes

  • Identity score of 1 (low risk) to 999 (high risk)

Identity Exchange produces an identity score that signifies the level of risk. Reason Codes will be available soon to provide additional insight.

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