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Data Reporting

Submit TransUnion consumer credit file updates faster than using traditional tape or cartridge-based processing methods with our convenient Electronic Data Transmission (EDT) solution. EDT is a free, Web-based delivery process that can increase your data security, improve your reporting flexibility and increase your speed.

Reduce your dependence on costly, labour-intensive physical media. Instead of bulk-shipping sensitive or proprietary information through the mail or other land-based delivery methods, EDT allows you to submit compressed batch files electronically and directly to TransUnion right from your desktop.

Our advanced systems can accept a range of file formats and sizes, and most batch updates can be fully processed within 72 hours of receipt. You'll be able to increase reporting frequency at a true cost advantage and eliminate the risk of lost physical shipments, late deliveries and media damage.


Reporting Data Requirements

Your company must meet each of the following criteria before TransUnion can begin setting you up for EDT. If you do not have the following in place, you are not eligible for EDT and should not complete this form:

  • Your company must become a member of TransUnion and complete all of the necessary contracts, including a data supplier agreement
  • Your company and the data to be reported must comply with TransUnion's internal policies as well as legislative requirements for data reporting including consent as applicable
  • 128-bit encrypted Web browser
  • Windows® 95 or higher operating system
  • Valid credit-reporting file for testing
  • For each file you provide TransUnion: a header record, some data records and a trailer record
  • You must report using the Metro 2 format
  • You must submit a monthly minimum of 1000 records and keep records current by reporting on a monthly basis or other regular interval