Harness the power of consumer credit education to build trust and enhance digital engagement

CreditView - an easy-to-implement dashboard

With CreditView®, you can offer customers access to their credit information as an additional service — enhancing digital engagement, and helping them understand and improve their credit rating while building a trusted relationships.

Data can help people better understand their financial standing.

As a leading global information and insights company, we’re committed to leveraging information to drive economic opportunity, create better experiences and empower people. We call this Information for Good®. TransUnion CreditView is a digital platform that allows organizations to provide consumers with on-demand access to their credit information through intuitive dashboards and interactive simulations.

Help consumers navigate the credit landscape with confidence

Our data shows subscribing to CreditView has a positive impact on consumers’ credit behaviours and your portfolio growth.

Help consumers navigate the credit landscape with confidence

Provide on-demand access to their credit profile

Attract new customers by offering access to their TransUnion credit report, credit score and key factors behind it — anywhere, anytime — with the CreditView Dashboard.

Reach digitally-engaged audiences

Meet user expectations with a platform optimized for mobile, allowing them to easily interact anytime.

Encourage proactive action through credit alerts

Send consumers alerts of key changes to their credit information to keep them engaged while helping mitigate fraudulent activity.

Offer context and clarity

Consumers may make better decisions when they can see top factors affecting their credit score, how their score is trending over time and how it compares overall to the credit-active population.

Predict eligibility with score simulator

Interactions with our score simulator give insight into products consumers may be interested in and help with qualification.

Choose the option that best suits your organization and customers

We offer two options to choose from: CreditView and CreditView Express. Both are hosted by TransUnion and designed to support your digital engagement strategy.

Both CreditView and CreditView Express offer an affordable solution for customer engagement.

CreditView Dashboard

Users can access all dashboard features

User Experience Optimization

CreditView is UX optimized through responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablet.


Easy implementation

Overview of CreditView and CreditView Express features

BrandingYour company’s logo, colour scheme and other brand elementsTransUnion branding
Customer accessCreditView is integrated with and accessed through your digital platformsNo integration — consumers sign on with a TransUnion URL link and activation code
Additional optionCross-sell and upsell offers
(customization required)
Data refreshDaily, weekly or monthlyMonthly

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