Access analytic insights and deeper data for improved risk and lending strategies across the customer lifecycle

In a strict, complex regulatory environment, financial institutions that wish to remain competitive in today’s lending marketplace must be agile enough to quickly identify and retain the right consumers for your business, keep up with competitors and consistently improve risk management. To accomplish this, you need solutions that promote operating and adapting at maximum capacity. TransUnion’s solutions span every aspect of the lending lifecycle from customer acquisition and engagement, retention and recovery, fraud and ID management – all the while focusing on mitigating risk.

We are committed to helping you make better and smarter decisions for your business through innovative tools and strategies. One such innovation is our CreditVision™ solution suite. CreditVision uses enriched data and analytics to provide a more comprehensive view of consumer behaviour. CreditVision's deep insights are derived from our enriched credit report, extended account history information, actual payment amount data and historically-based algorithms. It shows how consumers have altered their credit usage and payment performance over time—helping you keep ahead of the competition by making more precise lending decisions.

Rely on TransUnion’s technology and deep, accurate data to better position you to achieve financial wellness within your business and for your customers. Our ultimate goal is helping you achieve yours.

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