Complete view of consumer credit history

Improved decisioning powered by CreditVision

CreditVision® is a suite of solutions that gives you a deeper and broader view of consumers. It leads you to the right customers and prospects for better lending decisions and helps you more effectively manage portfolio risk. Fueled by enriched data, credit performance trends and behaviours, and analytics, CreditVision insights create value across the entire consumer lifecycle. When you have a more comprehensive view of consumer performance, you can make profitable risk, collections and marketing decisions.

CreditVision for Marketing

Increase marketing responses rates through predictive trended data

Target the right consumers for your marketing efforts. Optimize your marketing campaigns by having the consumer information you need to better segment and align audiences with your lending objectives. CreditVision helps you identify and target the right customers and make the most of marketing opportunities.

  • Make the right product offer to a consumer based on need and predicted use
  • Optimize credit limit assignments based on predicted spend and utilization
  • Appropriately target consumers based on their behaviour on all accounts – not just those at your institution
  • Identify consumers who are building balances
  • Differentiate high card spend from low card spend consumers
  • Segment credit card transactors and revolvers to target properly

CreditVision for Risk Management

Mitigating risk while accurately decisioning and pricing more consumers

There is constant pressure on risk managers to keep approval rates high while managing losses. By evaluating an individual’s credit usage and payment behaviour over time, CreditVision time series data provides a more accurate view of consumer risk, allowing you to confidently grow your portfolio.

  • Better identify consumers meeting risk objectives
  • Improve decisioning to consumers near score cutoffs

CreditVision for Account Management

Make the most out of your existing customer relationships

Once you acquire a customer, be sure you keep them. Tailor your strategies and messages to individual customers to help strengthen customer relationship and loyalty. CreditVision provides insight into key consumer behaviours, such as spend, revolving or transacting behaviour on credit cards, and changes in share of wallet, enabling better cross sell, line management and retention strategies.

  • Diversify relationships with customers across lines of business
  • Anticipate evolving consumer needs to continuously protect customer base
  • Drive credit line and account modification strategies
  • Identify account issues early, including potential delinquency

CreditVision for Recovery

Improved recovery models promote an increase in monies collected

CreditVision Algorithms identifying behaviours such as payment amount, payments relative to minimum payment, and prepayment on installment loans can be an asset. You can save time and effort by identifying consumers most likely to pay, allowing for efficient allocation of recovery resources.

  • Improve efficiency of recoveries by incorporating insights into consumer behaviour provided by CreditVision

CreditVision for Auto Portfolios and Subprime Segments

Grow your portfolio with confidence

There is a business need in the market to better assess consumers who are higher than average risk. TransUnion now offers a non-conventional, new risk score tailored specifically to Canadian auto portfolios and subprime segments. TransUnion CreditVision Subprime Auto Score leverages historical payment trends – along with collections history – to produce a more accurate assessment of a consumer’s likelihood of auto loan default.

  • Better understand applicants
  • Manage your risk exposure
  • Drive a sustainable and more profitable business
CreditVision can help with:
  • Acquisitions through origination and decisioning

  • Account review and account management

  • Recovery through new insights into consumer behaviour

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