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Gain a more complete view of consumer behaviour and credit history with trended credit data

A more comprehensive view of consumer behaviour and credit history with a suite of solutions utilizing trended credit data
powered by our data fusion methodology. That’s Information for Good®.

Put Trended Credit Data to Work

Harness the power of CreditVision® trended insights to gain an accurate view of each consumer in the marketplace.

CreditVision for Marketing

CreditVision for Marketing

Use predictive trended data for improved existing customer segmentation and increased response rates by:

  • Making the right product offer to a consumer based on their needs
  • Establishing credit limits that are suited to each customer’s needs
  • Appropriately targeting existing customers based on their behaviour on all accounts
CreditVision for Risk Management

CreditVision for Risk Management

By evaluating an individual’s credit usage and payment behaviour over time, CreditVision time series data provides a more accurate view of their risk, allowing you to grow your portfolio while providing products that are suited to the risk they present.

CreditVision for Account Managementv

CreditVision for Account Management

Tap into insight on key consumer behaviours to offer relevant, timely products and identify account issues and potential delinquency early — setting your brand apart.

CreditVision for Risk Management

CreditVision for Recovery

CreditVision algorithms identify payment behaviours to help improve recovery models and better allocate collections resources. Understanding individual behaviour also enables a more personalized and positive customer experience.

CreditVision for Auto Portfolios and Subprime Segments

CreditVision for Auto Portfolios and Subprime Segments

With a risk score tailored specifically to Canadian auto portfolios and subprime segments, TransUnion CreditVision Subprime Auto Score leverages historical payment trends and collections history so you can:

  • Better understand applicants and expand access to auto credit
  • Manage your risk exposure
  • Drive a sustainable and more profitable business

Complete view of consumer credit history

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