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CreditVision Risk Score

Improve management ability to assess risk with CreditVision Risk scores

Confidently grow your customer base with improved score performance

CreditVision® risk scores consistently outperform traditional risk scores when assessing future risk. CreditVision risk scores are built from TransUnion’s own expanded consumer credit report and utilize new data elements including actual payment amounts as reported for each account, revolving/transacting behaviour on credit cards, and up to 24 months of history for each tradeline. All this information can help move you ahead of the competition through more precise lending decisions.

Product Highlights

More predictive than traditional scores due to enhanced data

Score approximately 10% more consumers than traditional risk scores

Improve decisioning on consumers near score cutoffs – assigning a higher proportion of consumers to the best risk tiers

Pinpoint credit behaviours complementary to current capabilities


CreditVision scores outperform scores built with traditional data. These enhanced scores can be used on their own or in combination with existing scores.

CreditVision Risk Score

TransUnion CreditVision Risk Score leverages account history—along with actual payment amount – to produce a more accurate assessment of a consumer’s credit risk.

CreditVision Bankruptcy Score

TransUnion CreditVision Bankruptcy Score leverages trended account history - along with actual payment amount – to produce a more accurate assessment of a consumer’s likelihood of bankruptcy.

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