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Dynamic Monitoring

Monitor consumer credit file changes more effectively and identify risks and opportunities with greater precision

Track behavioural changes on consumer credit file as they occur, allowing you to manage your portfolio more effectively

With TransUnion Dynamic Monitoring, you can identify customers based on a specified behaviour or action. You set the criteria and thresholds for key changes in consumer behaviour, and receive alerts of their occurrence on a schedule you specify—monthly, weekly and even daily. This enables you to react faster to recent events, and more importantly, anticipate events that are likely to occur in the future. Dynamic Monitoring provides institutions with the information they need to reach customers with targeted offers before attrition, turn valuable customers into loyal customers and reduce risk exposure.

Dynamic Monitoring offers over 40 different alerts that can be used throughout the consumer lifecycle in risk management, marketing, fraud and collections. Additionally, Dynamic Monitoring Express, tailored for collections agencies, can further identify specific consumer behaviours and take timely action with select alerts and Address Telephone Trace services.

Product Highlights

Alerts can be sent for the entire portfolio or for a specific sub-segment (i.e. high/low risk)

Portfolio-level, as well as individual consumer-level alerts available

Frequency of alerts can be set as daily, weekly, monthly

Over 40 different alerts that are dynamically configurable

Additional credit file data and scores with each alert delivered


Use Dynamic Monitoring alerts across the consumer lifecycle

Dynamic Monitoring for Risk and Marketing

  • Reach customers with targeted offers before attrition
  • Turn valuable customers into loyal customers
  • Reduce risk exposure and losses – monitor accounts based on actual risk

Dynamic Monitoring for Collections

  • Identify which accounts may go into collections
  • Contact customers showing increased ability to pay
  • Prioritize - and re-prioritize – accounts faster
  • Locate customers when there is a change in their location

Dynamic Monitoring for Fraud

  • Detect potentially fraudulent activity or events
  • Act fast to changes in usage and velocity checks
  • Fraud reported to the bureau are provided automatically as a part of Dynamic Monitoring

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