Predict and manage risk more accurately with TransUnion’s Risk and Bankruptcy scores

Now you can better assess consumer risk and the likelihood of bankruptcy or proposal. With TransUnion’s full range of scores, you can make more informed decisions about customers and prospects, increase profitability and reduce losses.

TransUnion offers a variety of risk and bankruptcy scores to help you make more precise lending decisions

CreditVision Risk Score

The CreditVision Risk Score utilizes enriched credit data elements giving you a more complete view of consumer risk. It takes advantage of insights into consumer behaviour not considered in traditional risk models, including account history, payment amounts, balance trends and revolving and transacting behaviour on credit cards. These insights fuel a score that is far more predictive of future consumer risk than traditional scores.

CreditVision Bankruptcy Score

The CreditVision Bankruptcy Score is Canada's next generation risk solution that leverages trended account history, along with actual payment amount, to provide deeper insights into consumer behaviour. This score outperforms traditional bankruptcy scores in identifying consumers likely to file bankruptcy or proposal in the next 18 months. The CreditVision Bankruptcy Score will allow you to make more improved decisions and better assess the risk of consumers.

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