Reduce risks to your business and your customers with the right access to the right customers.

Helping to protect your business and your customers requires taking the right measures at the right time. By knowing your customers and verifying their identities upfront, you can reduce risks to your business while strengthening relationships and building confidence in your brand. At every stage of your customer lifecycle, we can help you verify personal data and confirm that the right customers are accessing their accounts.

Protect your customers and your business with customized solutions

Address Verification Service

Compare the demographic information and credit card number provided by the consumer with the information housed in the TransUnion credit bureau file. This real-time service is designed to assist in reducing fraud exposures for online orders and can assist in identifying discrepancies for new bill-payment payees. Address Verification Service helps you avoid fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

Bureau Verification Service

Compare the name, address information and date of birth provided by a consumer with the corresponding information in the TransUnion database, which contains more than 20 million Canadian consumer credit files. Bureau Verification Services returns flags indicating which data elements do not match the credit bureau file and what constitutes a match based on your own business strategies. It can also return a flag confirming if a credit file exists for a consumer.

Enhanced Bureau Verification Service

Based on additional parameters that you define, receive the on-file information when there’s a discrepancy between on-file and inquiry information. Enhanced Bureau Verification Service can return an overall pass/fail flag based on your business rules. It can also confirm if the consumer credit file and/or tradeline has been in existence for greater than six months.

Device Verification

Detect and identify devices to help prevent online and mobile fraud. TransUnion Device Profiling makes it easier to identify low-risk consumers, so you can use the appropriate security measures when needed without frustrating trustworthy individuals.

ID Mismatch

ID Mismatch helps you avoid accepting a potentially high-risk customer based on incorrect information Compare application data to the TransUnion credit database and highlight differences with SIN, name(s), and address, birthdates, addresses, postal code, phone numbers, credit card numbers, number of inquiries and age of file. By comparing customer-provided information against the consumer's TransUnion consumer credit database and highlighting differences in Name, Address and SIN, you can increase your confidence in that information.

Enhanced ID Mismatch

Enhanced ID Mismatch can even alert you of and qualify a SIN mismatch as a simple transposition error or a major discrepancy. Receive velocity monitoring for file inquiries or the appearance of a SIN or phone number that exceed defined thresholds. Detect data transposition, any non-exact matches and data on multiple files. Enhanced ID Mismatch can identify files with a Fraud Victim Alert to facilitate easy prioritizing for fraud investigation.

Directory Services

Use Directory Services to compare consumer-provided information (such as telephone and address) with third-party directory information sources. You can use Directory Services as a complement to the credit bureau file or as a part of your decisioning system.

Product Highlights
  • Compare demographic information to our database

  • Verify address, telephone number, credit card, billing information, and personal demographic information

  • Flexible solutions to support your organization’s needs

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