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Marketing Services

Link multiple business data sources to identify opportunities for cross-selling and lead generation.

What are Our Marketing Services?

Our database has over three million small to medium businesses with various data points. This provides a wealth of information, empowering you to dramatically improve your prospecting opportunities. Understand your customers’ total share of wallet, financial health and behaviour. This puts you in the driver seat when it comes to making key decisions about targeting the right prospects and improving your business’ profitability.

What Can You Do With Our Marketing Services?

Effortlessly identify new business prospects. Our extensive database makes use of several data points which allows you to conduct comprehensive segmentation. Get over 300 variables that can be used for acquisition such as:

  • Business entity type - Understand the type of business you’re dealing with whether it be a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation.
  • SIC code/Naics code - Identify the industry the business operates in.
  • Business firmographics - Determine how long the organization has been in business, employee size and revenue.
  • Business Credit Risk Score - Predict the likelihood of delinquency using financial credit trade performance and public record information.
  • Financial credit trade performance - Understand the risk of delinquency, amount of spend, utilization, limits and revolve behaviour.
  • Supplier and wholesaler trade performance - Understand the risk of delinquency, amount of spend, utilization, limits and revolve behaviour.
  • Owner demographics - Use consumer owner data to link to the businesses.
  • Hot list - Our hot list helps you identify all the new businesses recently added to our database.
Marketing Services

Product Benefits


Discover customers within your retail credit card base suited for commercial and reprice


Identify prospects who do not currently have lending products within your base and assess their risk criteria


Validate and append data from third-party marketing lists for more accurate segmentation


Segment your market by geography, industry, business entity or credit type and get unparalleled insights about your portfolio

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