Let good customers through with confidence while still detecting sophisticated fraud tactics

As fraudsters develop new ways to deceive, detection systems are being tested, and back-office inefficiencies and costs are on the rise. And while many organizations have invested in strengthening their fraud detection processes, some of the protective layers can wind up inconveniencing and frustrating good customers – driving them away. Turn to IDVision—a powerful suite of verification and authentication services. With an unprecedented amount of data and analytics, you gain valuable insights on consumers and the devices they use to better detect fraud. That results in more-informed, real-time identity decisions to quickly approve viable customers – with decreased back-office reviews and expenses.

Identity Verification

Using cross-industry data and powerful algorithms, you can verify consumer identities and detect suspect behaviours, patterns and links. Identity Verification provides real-time insights to identify consumer identity risk.

Digital Verification

Examine the device being used, how it’s being used and the individual’s online identity, integrating machine learning. With deeper insights into potential risk, you can make more confident consumer decisions.

Identity Authentication

Whether driven by regulatory or risk reasons, organizations may need an extra layer of authentication in proving a consumer is who they say they are. IDVision provides the ability to generate out-of-wallet questions - thus strengthen your control of addressing fraud while not frustrating good customers.

  • One of the first solutions to integrate both consumer and digital identity verification profiles into a single view of risk

  • Multiple modes of authentication and dynamic assignment helps improve pass rates for good customers

  • Cross-industry behaviour provides insights beyond traditional verification tools

  • Single platform for use across multiple channels

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