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Authentication Engine

Manage identities and detect fraud early while ensuring the right people have access to the right information

Confirm consumer identity, while giving your customers a convenient, hassle-free experience

ransUnion Authentication Engine helps you confirm consumer identity, while giving your customers a convenient, hassle-free experience. Confidently authenticate consumers using consumers TransUnion credit database to generate knowledge based questions. Incorporating these robust features will help you reduce fraud losses and increase profitability. Authentication Engine features access to a secure portal that allows you to view your statistical data. Authentication Engine can be used at any point in the account acquisition process—from application to account activation.

Product Highlights

Real time identity verification

Compare consumer input data to fraud prevention models and TransUnion consumer database through challenge-response technology

Draw on a deeper set of data than basic out-of-wallet information for more effective screening

Knowledge based questions using consumers TransUnion credit database make it harder for a fraudster to be successful

Configurable options allow customization to tailor your authentication process

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