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TransUnion Credit Reports

Get the information you need on the financial situation of customers and prospects with TransUnion Credit Reports

Count on comprehensive information on virtually every credit-active adult in Canada

TransUnion credit reports are designed to be easy to read and understand for faster and more informed decision-making, reduced risk and streamlined operations. We maintain more than 20 million Canadian consumer credit report files in our database. The information is provided by more than 300 credit-granting institutions and data suppliers. The database is updated regularly, upon receipt from our data suppliers, so you can be confident in evaluating the financial responsibility of a prospective customer. Use TransUnion Credit Reports for the insight you need to make better decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.


TransUnion credit reports offer insights for better-informed lending decisions and help facilitate efficient underwriting.

TransUnion Credit Report

Get the insights you need to make better informed lending decisions and help facilitate efficient underwriting.

TransUnion Model Report

The TransUnion Model report includes demographic information as well as a summary of the consumer’s full credit report, useful when the full credit bureau report is not required

TransUnion ID Report

The TransUnion ID Report includes the demographic information to allow you to quickly confirm a consumer’s relevant information

Product Highlights

Credit report files on more 20 million Canadian consumers

Quickly locate key aspects of a Credit Report in an easy-to-read format

Reports can be augmented with information such as phone numbers, fraud alerts and deceased indicators

Reduce risk and streamline operations

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, disputes, fraud, identity theft or credit monitoring services, please visit our

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