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Explore, shape and act on consumer data and insights in the Prama analytics environment

To compete in a fast-paced, business environment, organizations must be able to access data and analytics quickly, for a better understanding of industry trends and performance. However, the ability to source data and transform it into actionable insights has been a challenge. Not anymore. Prama is a portfolio of pioneering data and analytics capabilities that allows customers to discover, build and act on insights in a seamless fashion.

By identifying market trends, analyzing customer segments most relevant to you, and making appropriate strategic and tactical decisions, your organization will be better positioned for success and future growth.

Prama Insights currently offers three modules—Market Insights, Vintage Analysis and Benchmarking—that deliver on-demand, 24/7 customer access to immense, depersonalized data sets, along with key analytics enabling accurate portfolio understanding, benchmarking and peer analysis.

Prama Market Insights provides quarterly views of key lending metrics at a province, regional and national level. Through this module—an interactive version of our popular Industry Insights Report—you gain easy access to relevant credit trends, offering a more holistic view for better decisions.

Prama Vintage Analysis lets you segment a portfolio for a more holistic assessment of how your own vintages compare to your competitive peer groups and the industry at large. Early identification of trends, fluctuations and other consumer credit behavior then drives portfolio strategies and increases growth. Our Vintage Analysis module enables users to view three years (36 months) of performance data. You can explore key metrics, including originations, delinquencies, charge-off and bankruptcy trends.

Prama Benchmarking provides the ability to compare your performance across many metrics and dimensions with the industry and your peers.

Prama Insights puts accurate and actionable insights at your fingertips helping you make faster and smarter business decisions.

Product Highlights
  • Confidence

    Know when to act or not act

  • Context

    Benchmark and visualize performance against industry or peers

  • Speed

    Quickly move from data to meaningful insights

  • Flexibility

    Easily filter and shape insights without the need for additional resources

  • Comprehensive

    Massive national database comprised of all active credit consumers

  • Simplicity

    Designed for use by a variety of roles

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