Identify portfolio and industry changes faster and take action with confidence

Staying competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape requires powerful solutions that help you take advantage of new opportunities driving acquisition and retention of the most valuable customers. TransUnion offers solutions that give you the information and insights to grow your market share and increase the value of your portfolio.


MarketTrends is a competitive benchmarking tool that provides current, comprehensive data on the entire Canadian credit-active population. With MarketTrends, financial institutions are able to compare themselves against the industry segment or competitive peer group and have the ability to profile the data on a number of different dimensions.

Industry Insights Report

Our Industry Insights Report is a quarterly overview that summarizes trends within the consumer lending industry and provides an aggregate view of key metrics and trends to assist financial institutions with timely updates on latest developments within credit landscape. The report features data and trends for the national population overall, as well as breakdowns within consumer credit score risk tiers. Also included is an analysis of consumer loan product types, such as credit cards, auto, as well as aggregate views of all revolving and all non-revolving loans.

Vintage Solution

Vintage Solution is a risk and portfolio management suite that enables longitudinal customer behaviour monitoring. Vintage Solution offers a multi-dimensional view (delinquency, risk score) by identifying consumers in a specific period and tracking the performance of the same consumers over their lifetime. This allows lenders to review changes within the industry, assess timing on strategy updates and/or redesign, and better manage originations quality and vintage maturity.

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