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Mortgage Retention Score

Use our advanced score to help predict behaviour and better engage mortgage clients.

Use the power of AI to increase retention of mortgage clients

The Mortgage Retention Score is built on Senso’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform powered by machine learning and TransUnion’s marketwide credit data. Rich, predictive insights help lenders identify clients at risk of churn and those seeking finance for a home purchase. In turn, this benefits mortgage holders as preapprovals and offers make their next home purchase or refinancing a frictionless process.  

The Mortgage Retention Score rank orders the lender’s portfolio by likelihood of discharge in the next 6 months. The score has an accuracy rate of more than 80% in predicting mortgage attrition as shown in the table below. This table shows the predicted vs. actual discharge rate comparison:

Category Predicted Discharge Actual Discharge
Very High 37.44% 33.70%
High 16.25% 15.62%
Medium 5.86% 6.33%
Low 2.15% 2.28%
Very Low 0.22% 0.37%

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