TransUnion's first Canadian mobile identity verification solution

Access consumers’ real-time mobile account information to verify consumer identity, reduce fraud and improve the consumer experience

TransUnion Mobile Directory Services® compares consumer personal information against real-time account information held at Canadian mobile phone companies through a service provided by EnStream, a joint venture of Bell, Rogers and TELUS covering over 90% of Canadians.  The service is available as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to TransUnion IDVision® suite of solutions or by Credit report.

As an independent and reliable data source for identity verification, Mobile Directory Services enables identity verification and fraud risk mitigation by providing definitive phone number verification from a trusted source. When used in conjunction with TransUnion Directory Services, our white-page listing verification product, you can decide which service to use first when you on submit inquiries. This will give you comprehensive phone number verification.

Use Cases

  • Enhance Know Your Customer/Know Your Business (KYC or KYB) regimes
  • Support early fraud detection and warnings for consumers and businesses
  • Improve identity verification throughout the customer lifecycle (Acquisition, Maintenance and Retention)
Product Highlights
  • Access real-time mobile account information to verify consumer identity
  • Reduce identity theft and fraud losses
  • Enhance the customer experience with more confidence
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