Better identify potential fraud

Arm yourself with powerful identity solutions to provide a seamless customer experience while keeping your bottom line protected.
Fraud has increased in frequency, as well as sophistication and danger. Today’s clever fraudsters are constantly developing new ways to outwit your systems and processes, wreaking havoc and potentially causing huge losses. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that you must satisfy consumers’ rising expectations of transacting smoothly in online channels. In fact, you’ve got to deliver safe, fast, streamlined processes – or they’ll go elsewhere. You need solutions that enable you to proactively identify fraudulent situations, allowing you to confidently push good customers through, while managing risk and lowering manual reviews and back office expenses. TransUnion can help.

Our IDVision® suite of identity solutions gives you a more comprehensive view of consumer identities – whether online or offline, and alerts you to suspected fraud. You can take control by quickly determining whether you’re dealing with fraudsters or viable customers through verification of identities and devices, and authenticating who people really are. Our solutions show behavioural histories to help assess the risk of transactions, and offer high risk fraud alerts or the use of out-of-wallet questions. These tools help you detect fraud as early as possible – while still providing a smooth, pleasant customer experience. Now, even with fraudsters’ evolving tactics, you can be confident your strategies in place to protect your business are as effective as possible.

Identity Decisions

Quickly approve good consumers and identify suspect transactions

Gain more comprehensive views of identity risk by combining personal and digital identity elements with insights from recent transactions and associations.

Fraud Analytics

Don’t be fooled by fraudsters attempting to deceive you

Access predictive scores and alerts that pinpoint suspect transactions that exhibit fraudulent behaviours.

Product Highlights
  • Only solution that provides on and offline views of consumer behaviour

  • Robust and continually growing data set

  • Machine learning and matching for predictive analytics that link, interpret and analyse data

  • Constantly searches for anomolies and patterns of risk

  • Delivered when, where and how you need it and includes scores, attributes, decisions and actionable alerts

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