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Increase customer engagement with a real-time omni-channel program

Combine credit data with automated processes to replace cumbersome manual campaigns

Find My Offer helps you remove time-consuming, ineffective manual campaigns from your marketing strategy so you can increase ROI and boost customer engagement.

Using credit and customer data, the engine helps you determine and deliver the right offer to the right customer - determined by their direct interactions with your brand; for example, by phone, branch visit or online banking, and the offer is shared through one of the your direct marketing channels.

Start Increasing Your Marketing ROI

image showing combined credit data, automated processes

image showing relevant offers to right customers

Deliver relevant offers to the right customers with a real-time omni-channel offers program

  • Offer prequalification and ranking: Rank multiple offers by priority for better consumer fit (or matching)
  • Support for multiple product sets: Define offers by product, such as credit card, line of credit, installment loan or mortgage
  • More seamless integration: Create, update and discontinue offers, as well as track lead generation
  • Leverage multiple credit bureau data sets: Rules include TransUnion CreditVision® scores and other credit characteristics (such as, bankruptcy and delinquency)
  • Simple or layered rule sets: Configure as few or as many qualification and prioritization criteria as needed

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