Every consumer has a story

IDVision with iovation®

Read between online and offline data to get a more comprehensive picture


Advanced features help you to quickly deploy strategies to fight evolving fraud tactics:

Comprehensive view of consumer identity
More extensive online and offline datasets help create a true, single view of digital identity. Our solution stores fraud evidence for devices identified as being used in fraudulent transactions, with up to five years of historical device data available.

Global network of fraud and risk insights
IDVision with iovation employs data regarding confirmed fraudulent activity for additional insights about devices, locations and behaviour.

Flexible orchestration engine and integration options
Solutions can be delivered in real-time, batch or a combination for full solution suite or select capabilities.

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Solutions Suite

Identity Solutions

Use our identity solutions when an account is being opened or provisioned to verify consumer identities using online and offline data.

  • Identity Verification
  • FraudForce Device-Based Reputation
  • High Risk Fraud Alerts

Authentication Solutions

Secure every point of the customer's journey with our authentication solutions to help assure the user's identity and combat fraud.

  • Knowledge-Based Authentication
  • ClearKey Device-Based Authentication

Fraud Solutions

Proactively identify fraudulent behaviours, while reducing risk and back-office expenses with our fraud solutions.

  • FraudForce Device-Based Reputation
  • SureScore Trust Indicator
  • High Risk Fraud Alerts

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