An innovative solution for obtaining the international credit history of consumers who have just moved to Canada

Without an easy way to obtain credit information from countries of origin, it’s difficult to make informed judgments when lending to Newcomer to Canada (N2C) consumers.

Until now, banks and other customers have had to rely on manual and sometimes lengthy procedures to obtain these consumers’ credit histories. For consumers, this has often resulted in less favourable interest rates or higher collateral requirements.

Fortunately, TransUnion Global Credit Connect Powered by Nova provides N2C consumers with a platform to order their international credit information and have their international credit reports delivered to customers in a streamlined, standardized format.

The results: Improved decisions at the time of first account opening and throughout the consumer lifecycle.

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Product Highlights
  • View N2C consumers’ past performance of repayment behaviour from their source country

  • Get previously unavailable visibility into the overall credit profile of your N2C consumers

  • Stop relying on fragmented and non-financial data sources to drive credit decisions

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