Business Verification Services

Our Business Verification Services allow you to improve and quicken your onboarding process with up front Know Your Business verification that ensures the legitimacy of the business entity.

What are the Business Verification Services?

Business Verification Services not only allow you to speed up your onboarding process, it also helps you mitigate risk and increase accuracy. When verifying a business, we provide you with access to all the provincial and federal corporate registries. This equips you with information necessary to assist you with corporate validation and reviewing corporate profiles.

You’re able to verify numerous aspects of a business prior to onboarding, such as:

  • Verification that a legal entity exists
  • Entity type
  • Registration number
  • Validation status
  • Director information
  • Corporate addresses
Business Verification Services
Benefits of Business Verification Services

Business Verification

Confirm the validity of information on business entities with national and provincial business registries

Director Verification

Confirm the name and address of directors

Ownership Structure

Confirm the ownership structure of the business

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