Business Credit Risk Score

Provides a business credit risk score predicting the risk of severe delinquency.

What Is The Credit Risk Score?

Better information. Smarter decisions.

Unlike other business risk scores, this score leverages bank credit performance data, deriving greater insights into credit performance than ever before. This very predictive element within the consumer space has now been applied to businesses.

Deeper and predictive data allows any company that extends credit or payment terms to businesses to better assess behaviours not previously available. This leads to more accurate decisions and therefore improved risk management.

This business specific risk score, when used in combination with other credit data, makes for a powerful combination of information giving you more robust decision-making capabilities.

Better information Smarter decisions
Benefits of Using the Credit Risk Score

Understand Risk

Thorough understanding of applicants risk and behaviour with a business credit view for smarter approvals


Better efficiency through more streamlined processes

Reduce Losses

Reduce losses through enhanced risk processes


Increase growth and enhance business credit portfolios via faster decisions

Improved Decisions

Improved decision process across lines of business and channels


Ability to gather information for regulators with new empirical risk measurement information

Faster Adjudication

Faster adjudication processes increasing operational efficiencies and reducing non-interact expenses

Assess Delinquency

Better positioned to predict the likelihood of delinquency of a business in the next 12 months

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