Business Credit Report

A vibrant, user-friendly, data-rich report with a wealth of information on businesses requesting credit. This report will help you validate information about businesses, including entity type, ownership structure and credit history.

What is the Business Credit Report?

TransUnion’s Business Credit Report provides a holistic business risk assessment solution the market. It’s a comprehensive tool that enhances your ability as a credit lender to determine and manage business risk. It does this by giving you access to a variety of information in the form of an easily accessible report.

The report focuses specifically on the business itself, enabling you to better assess the businesses risk profile and make more informed decisions when giving credit.

Business Credit Report

The Benefits Of Using The Business Credit Report

The Business Solutions Credit Report empowers you to make more informed business decisions optimizing the way in which you give credit.

Benefits of using business credit report
Benefits of using business credit report
Benefits of using business credit report

Risk mitigation: Identity management

  • Get registration data to validate any business entity
  • Robust demographic business data (legal name and operating as name) from major financial institutions and third-party source data
  • Unique owner segment linking business owners to the business

Risk mitigation: Credit

  • Multiple data sources of unique business tradeline performance data
  • Exclusive Business Risk Score built on banking data
  • Comprehensive credit performance data
  • Access vast data sources of exclusive trade supplier performance
  • Exclusive coverage of Ontario lien data
  • Key industry coverage on construction, manufacturing, transportation mining and others

Revenue generation

  • Optimize existing relationships through multiple TransUnion-linked business databases
  • Acquire new customers through segmentation criteria and lead generation using our ‘white list’ commercial database

Operational efficiency

  • Leverage multiple data sources through one single tool for business validation, including credit, compliance and firmographic data.
  • Increase automation with Canada’s first business risk score built exclusively on banking trade data
  • Validation of business’ physical location, leveraging our integrated Google street view feature to assess the physical location of a business
  • Enable digital lending strategies through our DecisionEdge® platform
What Do I Get in the Report?

The Business Credit Report provides a vibrant, user-friendly, data-rich report unique in the Canadian market.

Business Profile

Identifies up to five business owners linked to the business and integrates key business firmographic data points

Trade Data

Trade information mirrors the consumer tradeline format for simple and easy comprehension

Business Insolvency

Weekly updates on business bankruptcy data

Legal Items

National legal items are captured and tracked by case number

Liens and Collections

Business PPSA data is reported on a weekly basis for the province of Ontario

Supplier Trades

Supplier Trade Repayment Performance is an added segment to the business banking report

Construction Lien Data

Construction Lien Data for the province of Ontario

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